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American Dance Party is an apparel company that reimagines vintage and second hand clothing to create distinct, one of a kind pieces. We specialize in reimagining pop culture icons, nostalgic characters, and rare vintage finds. All of our pieces are 100% REMADE in the USA. We find, inspect, and alter every piece of clothing by hand to help encourage the reduction of sweatshop labor and pollution caused by fast fashion.

Every piece of clothing we offer is inspected, curated, and remade by the ADP crew to turn a piece of mass-produced fashion into a one of a kind item made just for you. Our resurface and repurpose philosophy ensures that we not only get the most out of our clothing, but that each piece is intentionally designed to feature unique compositions.

The ADP Way


Put your behind in your past

Look good (and stay cool) wherever you’re headed.

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"Love this jacket! Never taking it off 😍"


Stay fresh

at the

watering hole

(Just don’t tell Zazu about the elephant graveyard)

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Who is ADP?

American Dance Party was created by jet-setting impresario Marco Denis in Central Florida in the late 2000's as a way to fight back against fast fashion's wasteful turnover and exploitation of sweatshop labor. Not too long after he was joined by perennial road dog Dober Kline. With the help of Marco's wife Katie, and their two daughters, the crew has built ADP from the ground up; touring the country, opening pop-up shops, and partying hardy wherever they go.